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    About Me

    Computer Tips and Support. I think you should know how to fix things yourself before you call the experts.


    Skype Business Deluxe. Forming Business Partners with Skype – Open Sources
    MS Office 2010. The Complete Guide to Open Source
    Microsoft Office 2016 for Home and Students. Opening the Office
    door for Open Source
    Office 365 Home Premium for Home.


    Microsoft’s feedback system is

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  174. ansiman

    Not a fully featured lecture/laboratory/tutorial solution, nevertheless the built-in interactivity of this PowerPoint add-in can boost productivity in your own settings.

    SynaVR Is Your Fitness Equipment & Partner Without Cost. It Lesson You Fitness, Exercise, Diet & Diet and More. This App Enable you to take your fitness where you want, when you want, and with whom you want. A WIN-WIN Solution for Parent & Child, Children & Just One other

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  175. wisrose

    GW Wizard Designer for CAWtools 3 is a good presentation of how this world comes together. If you are looking for precise calculator or even new machines, you can find everything in the tool.

    Create 3D models from ceiling plans
    The source code developed by ITALCUS is an open source software written entirely in C++; its object-oriented design makes it easy to use and make changes. But it’s also the easiest way to start designing 3D models.

    6add127376 wisrose

  176. addharr

    The MacStitch is a new app that will make it possible to clone Finder and several folders, dragging them directly to the Finder window where you want to copy them.
    More than that, the app lets you edit the clipboard contents directly from the Finder window, as long as you don’t open the MacStitch app itself.
    The program requires a license for you to use it. It’s not a pro-level app, so it may seem limited to beginner users. However,

    6add127376 addharr

  177. otylpea


    This is a minimalist, cross-platform Java application template. Its main purpose is to provide an abstraction layer over Swing and make your application development more convenient and concise. It is pretty much the simplest React-like framework you can think of, and should it not be enough, you can always fall back on building your own Java desktop application, which brings me to the next section.

    Getting Started

    Paste the sourcecode of the template into your favorite text editor

    6add127376 otylpea

  178. appolaur

    and the most suitable linker
    ■ Profiling presets
    ■ Save/load presets (to profile multiple times the same application)
    ■ prof1 – for simple programs to profile
    ■ prof2, with GUI, for console applications
    ■ reader and writer mode for the RAMDAC (framebuffer)
    ■ benchmark threading structure, for multiple CPU cores (up to 256)
    ■ fullscreen mode (via

    6add127376 appolaur

  179. denadv

    If you are interested in the celebrity names or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or to share the scenario in our free forum.


    Screenshots of Famous

    Famous 1.0.0 description

    This screensaver will be named Famous and will feature famous persons you can define. It is animated and you will see the persons names/scenarios falling from the top of the screen: first on top of the first visible text,

    6add127376 denadv

  180. valetye

    You have also the possibility of adding downloaded images as wallpaper to a specified folder. This feature is called ‘Save As’ and it allows you to create folder specific collections.
    Bing Wallpaper Downloader is the ideal companion for those moments when you are looking for a good wallpaper..

    Aplikacio News Tab


    Bing News Tab is the most powerful news aggregator to compile and index news from homepages and news sites. For aggregate news and comment space

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  181. benalis

    In terms of features, it supports a variety of different languages, including both GUI and terminal-based lines, concurrent and multi-threading to increase productivity, and many other ones.
    To name a few more:
    * CSV support (especially if worked by the developer to avoid errors)
    * Supports most operating systems: Linux, macOS, Windows,…
    * Embedded database (for any language that supports SQL statements), or IPFS
    * Compatible with almost any language’s built

    6add127376 benalis

  182. valilore

    2. Printen Status Monitor

    Praten Stat Monitor is an open source program that lets you keep track of the printer you are using and of it’s state.
    Using a GUI layout, the app informs the user of system-related problems or possible problems related to its software and hardware.

    3. Nero Video 2015

    Nero Video is a video encoding and Windows file format converter.
    It features the ability to create self-contained videos from all popular

    6add127376 valilore

  183. tapaeli

    Foobar2000 Title Random Controller:
    Script requirements:

    2.22 and higher
    foobartitle++-gui front-end


    Support for scripting is included in the scripts, but can be enhanced with 3rd-party script extensions.
    For more details about the scripting, see Script reference below.


    6add127376 tapaeli

  184. hamcasp

    The interface is easily navigated, hence it is highly suitable for beginners, especially those who want to quickly and efficiently complete tasks without a hitch.

    PHOTOBUCKET DE BLUB AUTOUPDATE for SmartPhones, Tablets, Mac and PCs. It allows to keep in touch with the latest versions of the most popular programs with just one click.
    All the updates as soon as they

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  185. nedehal

    This tool is free and easy to install. You don’t need any experience with technical jargon to utilize this tool.
    WPS Authoring Tool can help you create wps_supplicant.xml files that are used to create hotspots in WPS environments.
    WPS Authoring Tool may be used to create Wi-Fi hotspots that are compatible with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) protocol.
    This WPS-enabled Wi-Fi hotspot software can

    6add127376 nedehal

  186. Bruce

    When someone writes an paragraph he/she maintains the idea of a user in his/her brain that how a user can understand it.
    So that’s why this paragraph is amazing. Thanks! aid ukraine

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