Disposable Aprons

White Flat Packed Aprons 27″ x 42″ High Quality. A thicker apron to offer protection where snagging or ripping may occur frequently. Premium White Flat Packed Disposable Aprons with Anti Bacteria 100 Per Pack quantity


Single-use, disposable aprons to help minimise the risk of infection from viruses. Made of extra-thick polythene material, these aprons are 50% thicker than the NHS standard.

They are waterproof, helping to stop splashes from bodily fluids getting onto clothes. They also help to limit any virus particles transferring from the wearer to the person they are assisting.

The sizing is also universal, with waist ties to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. They can be disposed of quickly and safely after each use, according to Gov.uk guidelines on how to safely dispose of PPE.

Dimensions: 69cm width and 170cm length – waist ties 49cm each side.

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