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    • FAST, EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS – This economical tabletop nebulizer is perfect for home use, providing dependable, efficient nebulizer treatments.

    • COMPATIBLE WITH SIDESTREAM PLUS NEB SETS – SideStream Plus nebulizer sets feature an inspiratory valve that opens when you breathe in and closes when you breathe out, preventing medication waste.

    • EASY TO USE – The top-down tubing connector makes attaching tubing easy, especially for those with weak or arthritic hands.

    • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing only 3.3 pounds and featuring a sleek attractive design, this home nebulizer is easy to carry and store.

    • BUILT IN DOCKING STATION makes readying treatments easier!

    • 2 FREE NEBULIZER SETS – Comes with 2 free Sidestream Neb Sets: 1 reusable, and 1 disposable.