Fetal Monitor


  • Fetal Monitoring: FHR, TOCO, Event Mark, AFM, Optional Twin FHR
  • Maternal Monitoring: ECG, HR/PR, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP
  • Signals Overlap Verification for Twin FHR Overlap Reduction
  • Synchronous Printing on American or International Standard Paper
  • 24 Hours Waveforms Playback


Overview for Edan F6 Express Maternal Fetal Monitor with ECG, NIBP, SpO2 and Thermometry

Edan F6 Express Maternal Fetal Monitor is a powerful machine that features a diverse functionality acquired with the use of most innovative technologies. It is designed to deliver advanced monitoring of vital physiological parameters for both mother and fetus, starting from the 28th week of gestation and throughout antepartum examination, labor and delivery periods.

Fetal Monitoring

FHR: F6 Express monitors fetal heart rate (FHR) with the use of ultrasound and provides an option for Twin FHR monitoring. Practice shows that in the case of twin monitoring the signal of one fetal heart may overlap another one. Edan has solved this problem with the help of signals overlap verification (SOV) function. It efficiently reduces the overlap possibility and when such is detected, the system shows an alarm message on the screen.
TOCO: Monitoring of uterine activity is conducted externally with the use of the TOCO transducer.
AFM: Auto Fetal Movement (AFM) can be carried out while fetal heart monitoring with ultrasound. AFM measurements will be displayed in a form of a trace on the screen, as well as on a printout. However, the AFM function is adjustable and can be switched off if not required.

Maternal Monitoring

ECG: F6 Express Maternal Fetal Monitor provides a 3-lead ECG function. While conducting the ECG monitoring, the user can manually change the signal source between the three leads, change the ECG gain and enable ECG calibration if required.
SpO2: The SpO2 of a pregnant woman can be monitored continuously. The real-time measurement results show on the screen and can be printed out as a continuous trace.
HR: For the HR measurement the F6 Express Monitor does not require any additional parts or accessories. The heart rate measurement can be acquired in the process of ECG or SpO2 monitoring. If both procedures are carried out simultaneously, you are enabled to choose the HR source manually. Same as for SpO2, the HR real-time measurements will be displayed on the screen and can be printed out.
NIBP: The NIBP measurement is conducted using the oscillometric method in either Manual or Auto mode at your choice. The application of both modes is very flexible. The intervals in Manual mode allow adjustment and the Auto mode can be applied during the interval of a Manual mode.
TEMP: Temperature monitoring is carried out by applying a sensor underneath the patient’s axilla. The use if offered a choice of measuring units between F and C.

Edan F6 Express Maternal Fetal Monitor is equipped with a built-in thermal recorder that provides an excellent performance. It prints measurements results synchronously on both American and international standard Z-fold paper, allowing two printing speeds. The printout shows continuous traces along with marks.

The Monitor is assembled with a color TFT-LCD 10.2” display with backlight function and folding-up design. Connectivity options are provided by RS232 and RJ45 interface. Memory storage capacity allows 24 hours of waveforms review. The Monitor can be hand carried with a help of a handle. It can be optionally powered of a rechargeable Lithium battery that provides 4 hours of continuous working. F6 Express measures 13.7”L x 13”W x 5”H and weights 13.45 lbs.